To: College of Engineering Teaching Assistants, Faculty, TA Supervisors and TA Administrators
From: Jeanne Hendricks & Donna Lewis
Date: August 17, 2004
Re: Required Appointment Worksheet for TAs - Fall Semester 2004 - Due September 10<br>(Please use the current version attached or on the web site listed below.

As part of the Teaching Assistant Association bargaining agreement with the State of Wisconsin, it is required that all University of Wisconsin teaching assistants and supervisors complete a TA appointment worksheet form at the beginning of each semester and summer session. In order to assist you in fulfilling this requirement, we have compiled the attached - "TA Advisory Appointment Worksheet". You may use this form or develop your own version. Supervisors and TAs should meet and estimate the approximate number of hours needed to perform the various tasks during the semester. The form should be signed by both the TA and the supervisor and returned to the department TA coordinator by Friday, September 10.

If a graduate student is performing Teaching Assistant duties for more than one course, a form should be filed for each course, insuring that the total hours are in line with the appointment level for each course. The following levels of appointment correspond with the total number of hours listed. If a TA has an appointment level not listed below, check the TA offer letter which notes the total semester hours as well as the appointment dates. (Figures below are based on 18 weeks.)

 8.3% = 60 hours
10% = 72 ho
12.5% = 90 hours
16.7% = 120 hours
20% = 144 hours
25% = 180 hours
33% = 240 hours
41.6% = 300 hours
50% = 360 hours

If tasks or emphasis change significantly over the semester, the supervisor and TA might need to meet and readjust the duties and worksheet. Both the supervisor and TA should keep a copy of the form before the supervisor returns a copy to the department TA Coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact your department TA coordinator.


If you prefer you can use one of the electronic versions available on the following web site:


Thanks for your cooperation.